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My friends, I have awesome news regarding my band “Skinny Moo”. We have been honored by editors of Cleveland Magazine as one of “Cleveland’s Best Cover Bands”. We have been invited to play at the Rock-N-Roll Hall of fame for their annual “Best of Cleveland” party on October 16th! Tickets[…]

It’s upon us all once more, the Autumnal Equinox. Although Summer is my personal favorite season, Autumn, I must admit, is tied for second along with Spring. The color, the smells, the eventual return of “Leather Weather” (I do look pretty cool in my leather jacket…). And being that I[…]

Groovy date, eh? Here are a few cool facts about the number nine: Math magic 09/09/09 Modern numerologists – who operate outside the realm of real science – believe that mystical significance or vibrations can be assigned to each numeral one through nine, and different combinations of the digits produce[…]

Well, another Labor day is upon us. It amazes me how fast the Summer has gone. We technically have 15 days left of my favorite season (as I sit to write this blog), but the looming of the the start of the NFL season screams “Autumn”. I have been busy[…]

I was very saddened to hear of Les Paul’s passing on Thursday at the ripe old age of 94. Whether some of you knew it or not, he was the inventor of the solid body electric guitar. One of the most popular guitars of all time bears his name, the[…]

Well, I have a week end off for a change. I love playing, but this is a welcome week end to have off. My wife Val is healing up nicely from her ankle surgery, I have been working like mad lately, and I am gearing up for a bunch of[…]

Well…I have successfully completed another trip around the star known as our sun…So far my Earth ride has had it’s share of good times and not so good times…nothing surprising there. I am but one of billions living the human experience. I find myself in a reflective mood as I[…]

It’s been a long road, but the site is finally up…a lot of work. Huge thanks go out to my cohort in Skinny Moo, and Web developer extraordinaire, Mr. Scott Martin. You are the MAN! I will now name my next child after you…even if it’s a girl… Please check[…]

I send much love and blessings to the Wisteria staff (especially Todd, Charlene, Gina, Pam, Dan and Shelly, you guys Rock!) for the opportunity to perform again at their beautiful site.  The community was, as always, exceptional.   To the new friends we met (or “re-met”, as the case may be),[…]