I bid you greetings and salutations! Thank you so much for stopping by my site. Here you can find out where I’m playing next, with which band, what’s up with the latest of my new recordings, and of course buy my debut CD “So Far”. Follow the links above and below and enjoy!

Skinny Moo is gearing up for many shows in 2017, including regular venues and some outdoor summer shows.  Check out the schedule at skinnymoo.com.

Watch for “The Jeff & Dave Acoustic Extravaganza” acoustic duo coming to a planet near you!

Also, go to Nox Arcana’s site for more details on the releases I have performed on. Check out the latest right now:

A take on the immortal “Scarborough Faire”, Joseph Vargo has penned original lyrics and wove a tapestry of beautiful music around this classic song. I was honored to sing on this track. You can experience it now on YouTube.

Scarborough Faire by Nox arcana from the release “Winter’s Majesty”.

You can find me on MySpace as well.

My debut CD “So Far” is available here on my site and at amazon.com!